Tearful Pisorius Apologizes to Murdered Girlfriend’s Parents

At the continued hearing of the murder charge brought against him on Monday, South African athlete, Oscar Pistorius took time to apologize to the parents of his slain girlfriend.

Pistorius who was called to the stand after Jan Botha, a pathologist had been cross-examined said “I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mr and Mrs Steenkamp, her family and friends. I can promise that when she went to bed that night, she felt loved. I wake up in the morning and you’re the first people I think of.”

Before then, Prosecutor Gerrie Nel had made the sequence of shots that killed slain model, Reeva Steenkamp the focus of his cross-examination of Jan Botha.

In the course of the cross-examination, Nel asked “but you said you don’t know, you’re not a ballistics expert, now you want to become a ballistics expert?”

Botha’s response was “it’s not a matter of being an expert. It’s a matter of common sense. To get splinters [Steenkamp] must have been in proximity to the door,” replied Botha.

Earlier in the cross-examination, Nel argued Botha must have examined the toilet door to determine the sequence of the shots.

“There’s the door – we marked A, B, C, D, did you work out which one was the hip?”

“Nobody knows for certain what position [Steenkamp] was standing in,” said Botha adding that the evidence suggested she was in a standing position.

Nel again argued Botha did not relate Steenkamp’s wounds back to the door, and that he spoke of anatomical positions but that was not how she was standing.

“I didn’t say I know, I said I believed. I’m not that presumptuous, Mr Nel,” said Botha adding that to work out the movements of the body with absolute certainty is impossible.

The court was shown images of the bloodied toilet bowl, and Nel and Botha agreed Steenkamp’s head must have been close to that area.

Nel argued ballistics expert, Captain Chris Mangena’s version was the correct one. He said the blood splatter in the corner of the toilet showed Steenkamp was in that area of the room when the bullet struck her.

Pistorius told the court that he has been on anti-depressants and sleeping sedatives since February last year.

He said at times he has terrible nightmares of that night, and often wakes up smelling blood. He told the court that if he hears noises he wakes up in a complete state of terror to the point that he would rather not sleep.

Pistorius also claimed he now has a security guard standing outside his house because he never wants to be near or handle a gun again.


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