1. He is a coupist who derailed a democratically elected government in 1983. This singular act contributed immensely to the decadence of the Nigerian democratic process, which is only being deepened now. As Head of State, not content with hammering down the freedom of expression in general terms, he specifically forbade all public discussion of a return to civilian, democratic rule. Should this same man be rewarded for the courageous fight of thousands, maybe millions of Nigerians that resulted in the return of Nigeria to civilian rule?
2. As a head of state of Nigeria he plotted and authorized the kidnap, drugging and crating of a Nigerian citizen in the UK for shipment to Nigeria instead of following proper procedures for extradition. The citizen was found inside a crate at the Heathrow airport by the British authorities thereby bringing the country to disrepute amongst the committee of nations. The case is still open in the UK
3. As head of state he authorized Nigeria, joining the council of islamic states despite protest from notable Nigerians who advocated leaving the country as a secular state
Muhammadu Buhari, a former presidential candidate from the opposition party, speaks at a forum on electoral reforms in Nigeria's capital territory Abuja
4. As head of state, he directed his aide de camp (ADC) to personally escort 53 suitcases imported to the country (suspected to contain foreign currency), to its destination from the Murtala Mohamed international airport while he arrested and imprisoned in some cases without trial others who had very little foreign currency in their possession on entry into the country not knowing that he had enacted a decree banning possession and use of foreign currency in the country
5. He refused to appear before a lawfully established commission of enquiry set up by the federal government led by legal heavyweight justice Opute. Prominent against the charges he was to answer to is the execution of three youths under a retroactive decree 20. Lawal Ojuolape (30), Bernard Ogedengbe (29) and Bartholomew Owoh (26), one of the three – Ogedengbe – was executed for a crime that did not carry a capital forfeit at the time it was committed. The execution was carried out in defiance of the pleas and protests of nearly every sector of the Nigerian and international community – religious, civil rights, political, trade unions etc. Since leaving office he has declared in the most categorical terms that he had no regrets over this murder and would do so again.
6. As head of state he personally saw to the escape of notable figures (apparently with connections) arrested after the coup he carried out while imprisoning without trial many others, Some even died in detention or as a result.
7. In his coup broadcast he promised to stamp out corruption and turn around the economy and improve the general welfare of Nigerians. but in the coup that removed him from office, corruption, sinking economy and poor state of the welfare of Nigerians were given as reasons for his removal
8. As ex head of state he publicly supported sharia law in all parts of Nigeria and refused to condemn the acts of terror perpetuated by Boko Haram until his ambition to vie for the presidency was rekindled.
9. He is not known to have passed any military exam but promoted only on the basis of quota and man know man
10. He has never kept any PROMISE he has made. when he carried out his coup, he promised to turn the Nigerian economy around but failed, he promised to stamp out corruption but failed and was neck deep in it, he promised to improve the lot of Nigerians but failed. He also promised never to contest for the presidency of Nigeria after he lost to the incumbent in 2011 but here he is again.

Nigerians should know that GEN Mohamadu Buhari is not the alternative to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan …………who has done extremely well in terms of delivering on infrastructure, (new roads, new airports, being built), new impetus in agriculture, reforms in the housing sector, reforming, building new rail lines, transparently conducting the sale of power plants and others,
upholding democratic principles of Rule of law and freedom of speech in the country. Opening up the political space and conducting free, fair and credible elections thereby deepening the democratic process amongst others.

Author: News Editor

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