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Ten ways to Wear Scarves

Scarves have been a part of dressing for ages,for some, they are part of their lives due to religious beliefs and the likes, while others just wear them for no other reason than to cover their hair on bad hair days . However, scarves can add warmth when you wear your boob tube dresses or tops. They can be really handy at such times.

But we are talking about pashmina scarf and other fashion scarves which have been part of our dressing lately. Pashmina scarf is a blend of cashmere and silk that is why it is so soft to touch, non itchy and yet warm. It can be worn both inside and outside and also comes out in a wide range of colours .It comes with a fringe at the bottom edge.

Scarves can also complete your look or even define your style , nonetheless there are ways to wear scarves properly and to knock them off .

Matching same tone together works really well for example, a black outfit with a navy blue scarf or camel outfit with a cream scarf gives you that sophisticated vibe when you mix fabrics such as satin ,metallic ,knitted shawl etc

Try this: Take a long scarf and hold it in front of you. Twist it a few times in the middle then toss the ends straight over your back .Bring each end back to the front on the opposite side and leave the ends to dangle .

Always wear your scarf with the right outfit because it does nothing for your look if you are not wearing it properly. For example using a skinny scarf with a big tunic or baggy tops, instead save skinny scarves for more fitted tops and jackets .

Dont wear a flattering colour next to your face, colours like red, fuchsia pink, or any bright colour adds lots of excitement to your outfit .Probably you are wearing blue or black jacket try and add one of the mentioned colours above. It brightens up your outfit any time any day.

Avoid Overwhelming your look with a scarf, no matter how nice your outfit might be. Wearing or using an oversized scarf is nothing but a stab at being trendy; this simply means when wearing your scarf don’t tie a big knot on your neck with the scarf , it will look like the scarf is actually choking you! Instead of that you might just go for a timeless look which is let the scarf just dangle on your neck or just tie it once.

Let it be your spotlight accessory, a white scarf nicely complements a black or navy blue outfit, this gives you a sophisticated look and thus makes you a spotlight in your outfit.

Crinkle fashion scarf

Don’t just throw on scarf on your outfit as an after thought or on a random, this doesn’t work on your outfit most times . For an evening wear it works best with a pashmina shawl when gracefully draped around the shoulders, it makes your dressing fabulous.

larger scarf or shawl on each side .you can add a brooch to put in place so you don’t need to keep adjusting your scarf .

Don’t over accessorize please, and please avoid too much of this and that on your outfit it only complicates the whole meaning of your dressing for example you wear a large hat and also use your scarf .These two accessories don’t complement each other. Instead wear a smaller brimmed hat or a knit hat.

Try a print scarf, a Burberry plaid scarf will look really hot on a plain skirt or trouser suit obviously never on a plaid fabric! But suitable on plain fabric.

Never wear a plaid shawl or scarf on a plaid fabric if you do , you will be committing a fashion blunder; in fact you might get arrested by our fashion police.



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